Costa Rica: Sustainibility

Costa Rica is a global leader in sustainability. It produces nearly 93% of its electricity from renewable resources. This is very progressive and remarkable for a society to be able to achieve. As someone from the United States this idea seems nearly impossible for a country with a culture like my own. Costa Rica is taking steps to become a model for sustainability by becoming the first Central American country to ban sport hunting. In addition the country pledges to become carbon neutral by 2021, which would make them the first carbon neutral nation.

I am very excited for my trip to Costa Rica. One of the reasons being that I cannot speak nor understand Spanish. I like to understand people around me and be able to connect with them. Not being able to communicate effectively through language may prove to be a large barrier for my goals. This excites me because it puts me in a position where I will not be comfortable. This challenges me to become comfortable with discomfort and grow as a person.

I am interested in experiencing what Costa Rica has to offer from the foods to the forests. I’m most excited for playing soccer with the locals. I hope that I will be able to play at least a couple matches while I am there. Hasta luego!

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