Sustainability & Perceptions

A quick look into Costa Rica’s sustainability and you will immediately find that this small Central American country has a lot to offer as far as initiatives that work to provide a more sustainable environment, economy, and culture. It is evident that the country works to successfully balance energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability with political, societal, and economic strength.

As far as specific initiatives go, The Payments for Environmental Services (or PES) program provides payments to landowners who maintain healthy, robust land. This program has resulted in a successful reversing of deforestation, as policymakers have realized that healthy ecosystems provide a wide range of services (like carbon sequestration, water filtration, etc). Additionally, The Blue Flag program helps Costa Rican communities manage their resources through environmental education, comprehensive health care plans, and proper waste management–providing an incentive for people to improve the area where they live and thus improving the nation as a whole.

From an outsider’s perspective, Costa Rica’s initiatives and focus on sustainability make it seem cooler and that it appears to be shifting towards becoming a more progressive country. Personally, I think sustainability should be a focus for countries if they seek to improve not only their economy, but the health of their nation as a whole. Nowadays, it seems that a focus on providing more sustainable methods can have important, lasting effects for any country.

As for me, I’m very excited to go to Costa Rica! I throughly enjoy the opportunity to not only travel to another country that I’ve never been but also the chance to immerse myself in another culture. I’m excited to learn more about coffee’s global supply chain (obviously) and how much it truly affects the business procedures of other countries (namely those here in the United States).  And of course, I’m ecstatic to try authentic Costa Rican cuisine. Basically, I can’t wait to see what Costa Rica has in store for me!

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