First Day in Ireland!

To say today was a long day would be an understatement. We had a long day (Maybe it was two days, haven’t grasped the whole time change thing yet) of traveling before finally getting to Dublin. Once we finally arrived in Dublin, we walked to and had lunch at the Chorus Cafe and met our awesome CAPA host Hayley. After lunch, Hayley walked us to Griffith College for our orientation and tour with Susanna. I think what surprised me the most is the lack of culture shock I felt. While I could see some differences such as the very forward political posters all over the cities and the police being unarmed, I think I expected a lot more. I think the expectation that the people of Ireland are very kind was spot on. Many of the people we walked by through the city greeted us with smiles and hellos. This ties in with what Susanne talked about when it comes to relationship management in Ireland. She told us about how it is very common for people to meet and hold some kind of small talk before talking business. Aside from a quick missing passport scandal, I would say today was a brilliant first day in Ireland! Looking forward to the rest of the trip!

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