Heredia Tranquila

I am very excited to be in Costa Rica. Having a host family is a great experience and it is really pushing my boundaries with my Spanish language skills. Our host mom has not spoken a word of English to us. I took Spanish casually in high school but haven’t brushed up on it in a few years. It’s amazing to see how much will come back.

Walking around central Heredia is nice. It is fun to see how cities are structured in different areas of the world. For example, a lot more outdoor area was covered by roofs in Heredia than in Pennsylvania. The university, open air market, our homestay, and mall all had large roofs covering large outdoor sections, probably because it rains so frequently. I appreciate the emphasis on being in the outdoors as shown in the architecture.

Since it is Sunday and a lot of people do not work, the park and mall were very populated. It was nice to talk to and be around so many people. That is a unique experience I would not have at home.

My first impression of Costa Rica is that it is a very open, friendly place with lots of good food. I do feel that I need to improve my language and directional skills in order to blend and seem better prepared for staying in the country, but I know this is a very valuable experience. I am excited to work on speaking and learn throughout my time here.

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