The City of Flowers

I rolled out of bed, grabbed my belongings and headed for the shower. As I open my door, my roommate’s door opens simultaneously. I look up to see almost a near reflection as he stands in the door shirtless with towel in hand. He plans on showering just as I am. We settle it through a game of rock, paper, scissors, I lose.

After getting ready I walk out to the kitchen to see breakfast is ready. Featured in our meal is my favorite fruit, mango. I was overjoyed, little was I aware that my eyes would repeatedly experience this awe throughout the day. I ate my fill of mangoes and we departed for the Universidad Latina.

It was a cloudless, sunny day. Something I expect of Costa Rica. The group then took a bus to downtown Heredia, were we took pictures of flowers and fountains and relaxed in the shade. We also got the chance to walk through a market, which was bigger than I expected. We took a bus to Leno y Carbon for lunch. Upon walking in I was greeted with a familiar smell, joy. Once again I ate my fill.

Our scheduled day closed with a Spanish lesson from Professor Teeter. Where I was able to polish the Spanish I had learned. After my confidence boost, I headed for the mall with friends. I tried communicating with several people and realized that I still have a lot to learn. Yet communicating is not as difficult as I thought it would be, especially when a very proficient Spanish speaker is your roommate and friend.

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