Day 2: “I’ll be the horse!”

Our second day was a lot of fun. It started by taking the tram to the university which seemed to be much more efficient than public transport in the US. When we were at the university it felt like the opposite of Pitt’s campus. They had more greenery, a lake/river running through campus, and in general a much more secluded area for their school. We also later found out on our campus tour that they even have ropes course set and an outside bouldering wall in their sports complex.

The pond at the University

The work began with us meeting the German students in our company project groups and doing introductory presentation on KUKA, my group’s assignment, which is a robotic manufacturer. After this, we finished up a little early so our group brought us to the cafeteria area, most similar to market to go at Pitt. Another thing to add to just how different the culture is here in Germany, they had beer for sale for the students when they were on their lunch break in a university building! Later we ate at Mensa, their main dining hall, and at first it was really confusing to navigate and find where things were but we all agreed ‘Mensa>Market!’

Next on the agenda was a scavenger hunt back in Augsburg! This was really fun because we continued to explore areas of Augsburg, got a chance to get get to know a couple of the German students coming to Pitt next fall, but also got to know our peers on this trip even further! The tasks were to visit various sights in the city and answer questions, some of which we had to ask locals about. Through this I found out the Augsburg Peace Festival is on my birthday! One of the churches we went in to was beautiful, the architecture and details were amazing!

One of the churches we went in to on the Scavenger Hunt

We had to recreate one of the statue scenes and I immediately was like “I’ll be the horse!” why? Not sure, but it turned out to be a very comical photo. I encourage you to just soak in every aspect of this picture because it just keeps getting better!

Day 2 Group Picture
As you can see here, pretty entertaining!

The last stop was a famous brewery. Initially we thought our group won because we beat the other team there by almost an hour, however, we tied based only on the questions and then sadly we ended up losing anyway 🙁 At the brewery there was a large slide, probably meant for kids but several of us went down it and it was so much fun! It ended up costing me €2 though because I had change in my pocket and the coin fell out, but I went down it again and emptied my pockets this time.

The super fun slide!!

Dinner was the last stop of the night. We went to a pizza place and I tried Spezi!! It kinda tasted like a flat Coke but was still very tasty. The one I got was Rusticana, which had arugula, prosciutto, and Parmesan slices. It was probably the most authentic pizza I’ve had that’s closest to a real Italian place.

Catch you up with the next day’s adventure,

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