Day 2 – Little Rock Nine Reflection

Following the repeal of the 14th Amendment in America, which called for the segregation of schools in America, nine African American students were blocked from entering Little Rock Central High School in Alabama.  While this event was not even close to the endless atrocities against African Americans, this represented the future of racial relations in America and set the tone for it.

This event shows the disparity between the laws in America and the actions by its citizens.  This event is uncomfortable to discuss as someone who is in school and has had unbarred access to education.  The blocking of the nine students displayed the desire of white America to have no association with African Americans, thus blocking their education.  In America, we view education as a inherent right and this situation displayed that even when laws integrated African Americans, white America still refused.

What is especially uncomfortable in the current day is how little progress has been made since then.  While schools are integrated, there are still institutions ingrained in America to hamper black people from achieving the same level of education.  I think that one way this can be discussed or explained to someone from a different country, as I think all history goes, is to express the fact that there is a split viewpoint.  There are people in America that do amazing things to help the black community while some still hold the same views.  I think this could be said about any uncomfortable event in history since there is hardly ever a situation where there is a singular polarized view.  While it is easier for us as human beings to simplify our world and see entire groups of people as the same, the reality is that there is a spectrum of views on any given topic.  This is how the civil rights movement as well as other atrocities in history can be explained.  Not everyone is inherently a bad person and for every person blocking the little rock nine from entering high school, there was another fighting for them.

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