Day 2: Milan

Today’s main event was a walking tour of Milan. According to Shelby’s Fitbit, I’ve walked about 8 miles today, but it was definitely worth it. Our guide took us from the hotel all the way to the cathedral in the Duomo. As we walked through the city, I feel like we really got to see Milan, and I love that it was so close to our hotel. I love the architecture in Italian cities. The buildings aren’t like skyscrapers, but they feel tall when you stare up at them from the middle of cobblestone streets (I love cobblestone streets even!). I love seeing the plants on the terraces, and the colors on the buildings. It’s all beautiful to me.

The walking tour ended at the Duomo, a giant theatre in the middle of a huge square filled with tourist. Walking from the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which was already breathtaking, into the square, and seeing the Duomo was truly indescribable; I was simply in awe. Regretting that I didn’t take the opportunity to go inside, but it was a long day, and my friends and I wanted food.

Tonight I actually had dinner with a view of the Duomo (which or guides said was generally not a good idea because the food isn’t that good, but we were told otherwise for this restaurant). In addition to a great view, the restaurant was also in a really nice department store, and I loved looking at the items from different popular brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Prada. When we finally left, my friends and I walked all the way back to the hotel (without using any sort of map might I add) and the city might’ve been even more beautiful at night than it was during the day (although I don’t have the pictures to prove it).





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