Day 2: Scavenger Hunt Shenanigans

I woke up still jetlagged from traveling, but significantly less tired than yesterday.  The hotel has complimentary breakfast, so I woke up early to eat something before leaving for the day.  Since neither of us had a roommate while in Germany, Josh and I decided to be each other’s “roommate” for the trip and went to breakfast together.  One thing that I noticed was that a lot of the breakfast food included cold cuts.  This was weird to me, so I opted for a croissant and some fruit.  After breakfast, we walked to King’s Place to catch a streetcar to the University of Augsburg.  Upon arrival, we walked through the main part of campus to get to the business building.  The campus had many greenspaces, in contrast to Pitt’s urban aesthetic.




After greetings from each program advisor, we separated into our company presentation groups to prepare for our first presentation about basic information about KUKA, a robotics company.  While we were working, I noticed that keyboard on one of the German student’s laptop keyboard was different- several letters and symbols were rearranged.


My group finished early, so we decided to practice outside since the weather was nice.


After the presentations, we went to the Mensa for lunch.  The Mensa is the University of Augsburg’s version of Market at Pitt, but with much better food.  We had difficulty navigating to the Mensa, ended up in another cafeteria, and, ultimately, had to ask for directions.  I ended up getting an excessive amount of food because I wanted to try many different foods.  I enjoyed most of the dishes I got but was unable to finish all the food.


Lunch at the Mensa


After lunch, the German students whom would be coming to Pitt in the fall gave us a short tour of the University of Augsburg campus.  Ironically, the first place they took us was to the cafeteria we had mistaken for the Mensa.  After the tour, we split into 2 groups for a scavenger hunt.  My group, Team Alan, consisted of Ally, Lexi, Jackie, Anna, Gemma, Bob, Eric, Liv, me, and our team leader, Alan.  We were tasked with navigating Augsburg, with the help of several German students, and answering questions about landmarks.  One of the first things we did was take a picture with the town hall in the background.


Team Alan in front of the town hall


After, we found a small group of teenagers who looked like they might be able to help us with our packet of questions and asked them for help.  Spoiler alert: they were not very helpful.  One of their friends brought the group more refreshments while they were helping us.  Astonishingly, this one guy was able to remove the bottle cap from the water by using the pen (and without breaking it too).  I was dumbfounded.  I was unable to comprehend how he was able to do that- he did it so easily too, without any thought.  Several days later, I attempted to use the pen to remove the cap from my water, spent way too long trying, and ultimately had to give up.


Continuing our scavenger hunt, we imitated the statue at one of the fountains, visited several churches, and answered several questions about the history of Augsburg.


In front of one of many fountains in Augsburg


My favorite part of the scavenger hunt was when we replicated the statue in front of the cathedral.  Our picture was perfectly crafted, no detail was spared.  Ally used her jacket to imitate the robe the bishop wore, Alan and Anna made fishy faces because they were the fish, Bob stood stoically like the log while Eric hugged him, Lexi was the barking dog, Gemma was the horse that Liv was riding, and I was the crying baby at the bishop’s feet.  What made our picture extra creative was that we placed the photographer at a perspective that made it look like Liv was holding the cross, imitated by Jackie.


To end the scavenger hunt, we had an alcohol-free beer tasting at an award winning local brewery.  Since Team Alan finished significantly faster than the other group, we waited at the brewery before the beer tasting.  To occupy our time, we went down the slide that was nearby.  It seemed random that there was a slide at the brewery.  When the other group finally got to the brewery, we started our alcohol-free beer tasting.  We tried 3 different types of beer- regular, white, and IPA.


We went for dinner at an Italian restaurant that had delicious pizza and pasta dishes.  I tried Spezi, which is a combination of Coke and Fanta, and I greatly enjoyed it.  Would recommend to anyone traveling to Germany.  After trying Bavarian food the previous night, I missed the typical plain foods I would eat in America.  I wanted to order plain penne pasta but was unsure how to communicate this to the waitress who spoke German with only a bit of English.  Dr. Feick ended up ordering my unconventional dish in German- both him and the waitress were shocked by my dinner request.


This ended up being one of my favorite dinners of the trip because the pasta was delicious and reminded me of home.  This also taught me that I should familiarize myself with how to order basic foods in German.



Dog Counter: I saw 11 dogs today!


Low of the Day:

I did not enjoy listening to all the presentations about each company.  One thing I noticed about the presentations is that everything is explained at length.  Each presentation started with at least 1 or 2 minutes of introducing each other and the agenda for the presentation and ended with at least 1 minute of thanking the audience for their attention.  This was weird for me because in one of my classes last semester, we were tasked with creating concise presentations packed with information, conveying essential project details in only a few minutes.  This is the exact opposite of these presentations.


High of the Day:

I enjoyed the scavenger hunt because it was fun to get recommendations of places to visit from the German students.  Additionally, recreating the stature was the highlight of the scavenger hunt because of how hilarious everyone’s poses were.

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