Day 2: Walk and Talk

After another long day, my jet lag has gotten better, but I am still very tired. We were fortunate enough to take a walking tour around Dublin. Our tour guide, Sylvie, took time out of her day to speak about Dublin’s most famous spots, and some of their historic history (below, I included some photos from our day trip).

While every country has parts of their country’s history they may be embarrassed to speak about, I feel uncomfortable speaking about the United States’s period of slavery. As a country, we segregated American’s by their race. While some citizens still treat African Americans as being less equal, our country has had massive improvements of creating equality across races. Back in 1850, a slave could be bought for $400 (which is about $12,000 today). How do you explain to someone else that your country sold living people for half the price of a new car. In the beginning, from 1526 to 1867 nearly 12.5 million African Americans were taken from Africa and shipped to America. Out of the 12.5 million shipped, only 10.7 million lived. This part of our history is quite embarrassing for me to talk about. While this is only a portion of our country’s history, I do not want it to symbolize our entire country.

If I were to explain this to someone who knew little about America, I would speak about how this was an issue in the past and should not reflect our country today. I would go on to speak about what we have done as a country to try to completely eliminate racism/segregation. 7kAdOMixTTanC4Mjy2BGVw.jpgXfYAh463SEOfyov8d8qS7w.jpgEgVelvSRT4WwppIqR3mX7g.jpg


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