Eatalying My Feelings

Today was the first day in which the group actually got to get a good look at the city of Milan. The day started with a quick crash course lesson on the Italian language, which was interesting, but I will most likely be forget within a couple days. After, some of the girls and I went to a food mall type store, Eataly, where there is a massive array of options from local restaurants and shops. It was amazing, and I hear there is one in New York also.
Next we returned for our first walking tour of the city. We started the trip by first taking a look at the more modern side of Milan. It was stunning. The buildings were gorgeous and costed a pretty penny to live in according to the guide. Every part of Milan is very aesthetically pleasing, regardless if it’s older Milan or modern-day Milan. IMG_3499
My favorite part of the tour personally was when we went into 10 Corso Como, a retail store, gift shop, art gallery, and book store in one. The clothing was to die for, each piece was like famous artwork: beautiful, but I could never buy it. IMG_3508
Since we are studying the textile industry, we looked at many final products of the supply chain. We even went to the first mall in Italy, The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. It is four stories and decked out with designer clothing brands left and right. I was practically drooling before we left, and not just because of the clothing, but also because of the architecture.IMG_3548
The tour ended at the Duomo Cathedral, probably the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my entire life. This place is like our beloved Cathedral of Learning on steroids. It can fit 30,000 people in it and the Virgin Mary stands at the very top of the Duomo in all gold. Religion is a huge focal point in Italian society, so it makes sense why they would make such a huge and beautiful church.IMG_3556
I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings us!

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