First Day in Ho Chi Minh City

One of the first things that stood out to me was the swarm of motorbikes that cycled in and around our bus. They were everywhere. From the sidewalks to the minute spaces in between the cars, you could usually see a motorbike zipping by. The next thing that stood out to me was the actual size of the city. Ho Chi Minh city is enormous. From the 16th floor of the University of Economics and Finance (UEF), I could see the city extended for miles in every direction. In terms of development, it was clear that the city was undergoing massive projects to improve its development. The things that I saw that would point to development include: a new subway system, a new skyscraper being built, the shipping yards of the Saigon river, and the renovation of the Catholic Church. All of these projects and sites point towards a nation that is undergoing development as most are designed to improve a certain area of life. At the welcome dinner, nothing seemed to be different from what was put in the culture smart book. The dinner was composed of several different dishes which my friends and I were all invited to try. From spring rolls to a dessert crepe, the food was delicious. Also during the welcome dinner could the true size of Ho Chi Minh could be seen. There were several different areas where different high-rise building could be seen. I had no clue to the size of the city. Overall, day one was a fantastic experience, and I can’t wait to start day two.

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