05/08/18- Phu My Hung company visit


Phu My Hung is a development corporation that has been working to develop land south of Ho Chi Minh City which will be a part of the new developing city of South Saigon. The construction of this city will hopefully alleviate some of the overcrowding in Ho Chi Minh city while also bringing in investment to the area in the form of both companies and people moving to the city. As the development of the area was described to us, I was amazed to hear how in the past 10-20 years the land has been developed from being worthless land consisting of mostly wildlife impacted by the guerilla warfare that occupied the space during the Vietnam War, into the modern sprawling cityscape presented to us. The area was developed to accommodate people from many backgrounds while also catering towards the local people and their culture. Phu My Hung has worked hard to develop a city that incorporates lots of green space and the river into its city plan so as to provide the closeness to nature that is valued by many Asian cultures. This step also aids in movement toward the company’s goal of achieving an overall low population density which is an issue that most other Asian cities struggle with. Through all of this planning and the construction that has been done so far, Phu Mu Hung has used their “master plan”, an overview set of designs, for the development. This master plan accounts for everything including things like how close a building can be to the river as well as what land will be left for open spaces and parks. Overall, it was very interesting to learn about the way in which the company was able to approach this mammoth task of filling a completely clean slate and to see what they have been able to accomplish so far as well as what they are still working on.

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