8 May 2018 – Adventures in the Metro

Getting out of bed was a real struggle this morning.  Russell’s alarm went off at 8:30 and we both very sluggishly got ready for the day.  Breakfast was the same as yesterday.  Today we visited Cattolica University in Milan, which is the largest private institution in Europe.  We took the metro there, led by Luca, across the city and emerged from the San Ambrosium entrance.  We walked to one of the school’s buidings, about a block away from the main building, and listened to a lecture about fashion and luxury, strategic business models, and managing sustainability in fashion and luxury.  After the lecture we went to lunch in one of the school’s dining halls and then went on a tour of the university.

After the tour, which was brief, we went to the Leonardo da Vinci museum of Science and Technology and walked around the museum with the tour guide from yesterday.  I really enjoyed the museum because there was a large sailing ship and I really like sailing ships. Piracy is one of my top ten dream jobs and this ship looked like pirate ship.  There were also some induction smelters and other cool materials science stuff that I found on the ground floor after the tour, but a museum employee kicked me out because the museum was closing.

After I left the museum and went towards my cousin’s neighborhood, because I was very close and I wanted to see her.  We met up at Piazza Agostino and walked to a park near her friend’s house, then met up with her friend and sat in the park for a couple of hours.  We wrapped it up at 7:00 and then she gave me instructions to follow on the metro back to the hotel.  I walked into the tunnels and immediately got on the train going in the wrong direction.  I rode it to the end of the line then got on in the other direction and rode the train until the correct stop where I changed lines.  When I got back to the hotel everyone was already out to dinner so I asked people where they went and some people responded so I got back on the metro and went to dinner.

At dinner I ordered some pasta carbonara with a very cheesy sauce and some red velvet cake.  Both were very good.  By the end of dinner it was storming outside and we had to run to the metro station in the rain and then from the station to the hotel also in the rain.  We came back totally soaked.  At least I know how the metro works though.

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