Cafe Britt: A Multifaceted Company

Café Britt is a popular company in Costa Rica. Café Britt specializes in the making of coffee, candy, cookies and various items. Café Britt takes pride in the exportation of their products to various countries. Most Ticos do not drink the coffee of Café Britt. I believe this is the case because the best crops are exported to Café Britt’s customers outside Costa Rica. This leaves the less quality coffee for the locals.

Café Britt grows, roasts, packages, ships, and sells its coffee. Café Britt not only sells its product to different customers, but also is responsible for selling its own product. Café Britt finds themselves on the producer’s producer end of the coffee supply chain all the way downstream to the customer. On the other hand Doka only grows coffee. They ship their coffee beans to their customers, where the customers then decide how they will roast and distribute them.

One thing that contributes to the financial success of Café Britt is their ability to be involved in a large portion of the supply chain. Café Britt is in control of branding their product and setting the price on their specialized product. Café Britt also sends some of its product to its storage center located in Miami. From Miami the product is distributed by plane throughout different locations in the United States. As the United States is a popular destination, it is a good business move to have a location for transport in said country. This allows for cheaper shipping cost as shipments are made by the order. By reducing shipping cost, Café Britt allows for greater profitability. I think that Café Britt should attempt to have storage centers in various countries where orders of their product are high. This would be beneficial as it would help create a more efficient supply chain.

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