Day 3: Market is Better than Italian Dining Halls


Today began with a subway ride to University Cattolica.  There, we heard a lecture from a professor about the supply chain in the fashion industry.  She told us about how Italy specializes in the designer brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana or Prada, rather than luxury brands and retail.  Alternatively, America specializes in retail brands such as H&M and Gap.  These brands are considered “fast-fashion” labels because they produce clothing for a cheap price that keeps up with the changing fashion trends.  She also informed us of the various business models for each kind of brand as well as steps these brands are taking towards creaking a more sustainable product.

Afterwards, we ate lunch in the dining hall at the university.  I ate spaghetti, a salad, and yogurt.  I must say, I feel bad for ever complaining about Market at Pitt because this dining hall had a severe lack of options in comparison.  No meal I’ve eaten since I’ve been here has even come close to the quality of Market breakfast… Only two weeks into summer and I already miss it.

After lunch, several students gave us a tour of some of the buildings.  It was pretty similar to a US university, with students sitting everywhere outside chatting, eating, and doing homework.  There was a cafe and many buildings filled with classrooms.  The students do dress differently, however.  Today was about 80 degrees, and while at Pitt you would see girls in bikinis sun bathing on the Soldiers and Sailors lawn, all of the Italian students were dressed in long pants and either a sweater or long sleeves.

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Then we walked to the Science and Technology Museum of Milan.  It’s located in an old monastery that was bombed during World War II and was restored to be a museum after.  We had a tour of several of the exhibits, including the Leonardo DaVinci exhibit, the space exhibit, and the airplane and ship exhibit.

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It’s time for aperitivo so that’s all for now 🙂 Ciao!


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