Day of Learning

Today was full of learning and knowledge. Breakfast was the same with a croissant and cappuccino and some random type of juice. After that we went right to the metro towards the international campus of Cattolica. Cattolica is the biggest private university in all of Europe with courses taught in multiple languages and students from all over the world. I expected it to be somewhat like Pitt but with prettier architecture which is almost exactly what it was. Students were everywhere. Studying, lounging, chatting, it was just like home. We met four fashionable, friendly students who showed us around campus and took us to basically the Italian version of Market Central. Then after we got to explore the campus on our own. I decided to take a walk by myself and found a sunny area to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere of the campus.

Later came the Leonardo De Vinci Museum of Technology. Mariella took us through the museum and gave us the most informational tour. We saw his paintings, designs and unfinished works. Throughout the museum were people of all ages and all places. Then we got to see old submarines and trains. Despite the fact that our feet were all so sore and we rushed to every seat we saw, the museum was a great time.

Tomorrow is the beautiful city of Como. Can’t wait!


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