Living and Learning

This morning started with a nice croissant and a cappuccino. We took the underground metro to Universita Cattolica where we had a lecture on Fashion Supply Chain. We learned about different fashion business models, and the difference between luxury brands, designer brands, premium brands, and retailers. We also discussed different ways to be sustainable within the fashion industry. Following the lecture, we went to lunch with some students from the university and they had a selection of pastas and pizza. Then we got a tour from the students and learned more about their university and culture. It was really cool to see how nicely they all dresses compared to students at Pitt, and those of us in tank tops felt out of place.

After the university, we went to the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology and were given a tour. We saw variety of different machines, a whole display about Mars, and some other cool exhibits like historical trains and helicopters. We even saw a copy of the Last Supper! The museum was huge and even though we saw so many exhibits, we only really explored 10% of it all.

When we left the museum, we had some free time, so we went and got gelato! I got a mix of creme and coffe flavors, and it was delicious!


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