Parla Inglese?

Jet lag was still hitting me hard today. We were able to visit the Universita Cattolica (the a in universita should have an accent over it for reference). While there, we learned a bit about their international program as well as learned a bit about fashion and business from one of the professors. I found it to be very informative. After the mini lecture, our group met up with some Italian students who have studied abroad. They took us to lunch and showed us around some of the university. They have a courtyard called “the Garden of the Virgins” that only female students are allowed in. It was very beautiful.


After the visit at the university, we went to the museum dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci. Something I never knew was that he did not invent a lot of the machines; he only improved upon what already existed. It kind of reminded me of industrial engineering in a sense. I really enjoyed seeing all the exhibits. There was so much to see in so little time. I also made sure to take pictures of the motorcycle exhibit to show to my friend who loves motorcycles. On our way out, a woman began speaking to us in Italian. I was very proud of myself for remembering to say “Parla Inglese?”, which means “Do you speak English?”


We ended the day by four of us going to the Blues Canal for aperitivo. Aperitivo is where you buy a drink and then have access to a buffet of appetizers. It was a great way to try different kinds of foods without breaking the bank. Afterwards, we strolled along the canal and grabbed gelato on the way back to the metro station. Overall, it was a good day.


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