So Much History in a Mere Six Months

Before today, I had not even heard of the firm Pearse Lyon. However, after our visit today, I can safely say that this business is one I will never forget. The brewery’s owner, Dr. Pearce Lyon, had an incredible story. The choice of locating the brewery within the historic landmark of St. James church has had an immensely positive impact on the local community. Not only does Pearse Lyon provide jobs and opportunities but it also has restored the church to its former glory ensuring the continued appreciation of Irish history. Although the firm has only been officially open for around 6 months, it seems it has already done so much. Of everything we learned, one lesson truly stuck with me and will continue to stick with me for years to come. During the restoration of the Church, a cemetery was discovered containing an estimated 100,000 people dating back to before the year 1100. Our guide mentioned how the cemetery contained individuals who advised British kings buried next to people who worked low wage jobs. There were Irish rebels buried alongside men who died fighting for the British Empire. Our guide said, “just goes to show, we are all equal in our passing.” This idea will remain with me for years to come. It not only reflects an incredibly ethical view of mortality, it also runs parallel to the Irish cooperative cultural structure. As opposed to competitive structure of the U.S. that has existed since our recent founding, the Irish have long possessed a cooperative attitude forged in the adversity of their history. This idea and Pearce Lyon will remain with me for years to come. brewery image

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