Dad Jokes

It is clear that coffee and bananas have opened the door for San Jose to interact and trade with other countries. The banana trade stemmed from the creation of the railroad. The railroad could have impacted San Jose greatly if the U.S. did annex Costa Rica to connect the Pacific and the Atlantic. You still see the importance of produce everyday in San Jose with all of the street vendors selling fruit and vegetables to locals and tourists.

San Jose and Pittsburgh are both medium sized cities with differentiated economies. In the earlier eras San Jose and Pittsburgh were critical cities for trading because Pittsburgh has the three rivers and San Jose was at the heart of the coffee and banana trade, and was linked by the railroad.

A more peculiar aspect of San Jose is the lack of street addresses. Since street addresses are not commonly used it can be difficult for people and workers to locate the exact address of where they need to go. This oddity has been passed from generation to generation but as the city continues to go this could be a drawback to the culture. People may be apprehensive to make the move to San Jose because they are unfamiliar with the area and it would be difficult to learn.fullsizeoutput_26d4