Day 2: The University

So today, we started our adventure at the University of Augsburg. We took the public transport tram for the first time to get there. It was a lot like taking the Port Authority buses in Pittsburgh (in German of course). After finding the right room there, we were introduced to the university and all of the German students working on the program with us. Today was also the day that we had to do our first intro presentation on our respective companies. My group was assigned SGL: The Carbon Company and we had 1 hour to create a presentation introducing the company to everyone else. It wasn’t hard to do, especially since the German students had already outlined the presentation for us.

After we got the presentation over with, we got to eat at their dining hall called the Mensa. On the way there, though, we thought that we knew where we were going, but we didn’t, so we ended up somewhere completely different. Then we tried asking for help, but no one seemed to be able to speak English. So we started walking until we finally found someone who did speak English who guided us to it. The food there was good for a cafeteria; much better than market for sure.

Once we were done with lunch, we got a quick tour of the campus by 4 of the graduate students there that will be going to study at Pitt in the fall. Then came the scavenger hunt. We were split into 2 teams of ten and given a packet of questions that could be answered at various locations around the city of Augsburg. The first stop was the town square.

Here we thought that we’d use our resources and see if anyone around might know the answers to the questions, so we asked a group of guys and they answered about half of them (somewhat incorrectly). However, we still had to go to the rest of the locations to finish them. Not without a stop for ice cream first, of course.

The scavenger hunt finished at a bar called Brauhaus Riegele where we got to do an alcohol free beer tasting. However, my team got there first, so we passed the time waiting for the other team by sliding down the slide…a lot. Afterwards, we had dinner at Dragone, a pizza place, where I had some fantastic pizza that had prosciutto and arugula on it. It was yet another long day, so afterwards we went back to the hotel and went to bed. Auf Wiedersehen bis Morgen!

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