Day 3: Glass Egg Digital Media

Today, after a delicious lunch of broken rice, we visited Glass Egg Digital Media. This company does graphic design work for companies that design video games. Their past and present clients include Microsoft, SONY, UBISOFT, Zynga, and many more. Glass Egg is best known for their cars–60% of their business comes from racing games. They do also do character creation, weapons, scenery, and other graphics.

Glass Egg is one of the oldest companies of its kind. Started in 1995 as Morgan Interactive, Glass Egg claimed its new name in 1999. One of the greatest advantages Glass Egg has over its competitors is its vast experience.

Glass Egg’s clients come from all over the world. One of the advantages of being located in Vietnam is that Glass Egg is within a reasonable distance of most places (except for the east coast of the US, of course), including Japan and the west coast of the US where many game developers are headquartered.

A large problem in this industry is employee turnover. When a large software development company creates a game, they need more manpower during a certain point in production. One way to go about getting this workforce is to hire more employees. However, as the project is finished the employees are extraneous and must be fired. This is an unsustainable way of doing business, and creates very unhappy employees who will not return next time they need new hires. So, when companies have this problem they often turn to third parties like Glass Egg, who can provide extra manpower without the commitment of extra employees. Glass Egg does not have this problem so much as it works on multiple projects at once.

However, because the only way to cut expenses in case of financial distress is to fire employees, Glass Egg must still be very careful with its growth.

Glass Egg strives to create employee loyalty, as the biggest competition is not the stealing of clients, but rather the stealing of employees. One of the ways Glass Egg achieves this is by hiring almost exclusively local talent instead of foreigners, as Vietnamese are generally much more inclined to stay and work in Vietnam. Since not very many Vietnamese have the technical skill set Glass Egg is looking for, they employee a team of 10 trainers to train local artists in graphic design.

Glass Egg is doing two big things for Vietnam. One, they are providing really good training opportunities for young Vietnamese. Two, Glass Egg is helping to bring the world to Vietnam by attracting clients from all over the globe.

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