Day 3: The Journey continues

Today started off with a trip to SGL headquarters where we learned about the carbon fiber manufacturing process and their business overview. It is very interesting how versatile carbon fiber is and how it is used in a lot of different products. The German businesspeople seemed to have a vast knowledge about the technical process that went into making carbon fiber glass, which I thought was very impressive.

After this, we went to the BMW headquarters. We toured the museum and saw some amazing cars throughout the museum. The i8 was my favorite. Everything is in German and English here, which is so convenient. We then looked at the BMW manufacturing process, which was astonishing. They use robots on the assembly lines to create the cars. It is also very impressive that a corporation can be successful through very different time periods with different attitudes and tastes.

Overall, this day was a solid learning experience. I am feeling a lot more acquainted to German customs and the way they do things.



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