Day 4: Across the River to Regensburg

Later start for our 4th day here in Germany  which was nice, yet somehow I was still tired! Luckily there was a long bus ride ahead of us to take a nap.

We were headed to Continental for the day where we got a couple presentations, both of which were super interesting and since there were diagrams and charts, the visuals were useful and made it even easier to follow along. It’s interesting because initially all I thought about is tires when talking about Continental, especially since when I was younger I would help my uncle fit these tires on cars in his garage, but they make so much more as we have learned and as we saw on the factory tour. They also had these awesome robots which were programmed to deliver materials throughout the factory floor and they are built up with sensors. It was crazy seeing something like this in action and right in front of us, especially as one almost crashed into me. The closet thing I could relate it to that I’ve been this near to are the UPMC robots that roam about and even take the elevator!

Next stop: Regensburg, which is absolutely beautiful! I took so many pictures and wish I could post them all but here’s one of my favorites.

The Danube River from the Stone Bridge

We were given a city tour with a really nice and funny guide. I learned about lots of cultural aspects to the city and also historical facts of the city itself and surrounding areas! It was really cool and kept me engaged the whole time. We saw the Cathedral and when we were walking by it the bells were going off, which added to the whole experience.

Dinner was so good, those of us at the table all got the same thing again (we did this with the pizza as well)! I included a picture of the dish for this dinner because I feel like I’ve been lacking on that part so far.

Our amazing meal!
At dinner, with all of us having matching courses again!

After dinner we tried to buy a postcard but unfortunately they had shut, however, we did see a procession for the holiday tomorrow coming out of the Cathedral. We walked to the bus through the city again for another long ride back.

After today I definitely think this was my favorite place so far as the city itself was beautiful but the atmosphere was nice as well!


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