Day 4: Newest team member for Dublin’s Hurling team

Today was one of my favorite days thus far in Ireland! We were fortunate enough to visit Croke park (Dublin’s main stadium). The stadium was much bigger than I ever expected it to be and I really did not want to leave. I could have sat there and asked questions all day if I got the opportunity to. I would love to come back and see a game be played at the stadium sometime.

Today in class, we briefly spoke about identity and the level of identity. After being in Dublin for 4 days now, I am able to identify some of the characteristics of the “Irish national identity.” The Irish citizens are very passionate about their nationality, their sports, and their domestic businesses. While walking down the street, you can see little Irish flags hanging from buildings, and a lot of orange and green. After to speaking to some of the natives, they all have only had good things to say about Ireland. After visiting Croke Park, it was very evident how passionate they are about their sports. Having the 3rd largest stadium in all of Europe is just the beginning of showing how passionate they are. After speaking to Ian, our tour guide, he spoke to us about the difficulty of getting tickets for championship games. I found it astonishing how the players play for their home village to show their pride. Finally, the Irish culture is very excited to show their businesses that originate in Ireland such as Guinness. When walking around, you will see the Guinness symbol everywhere.

I, myself, identify as a daughter, a sister, a Pitt student, an American, an animal lover, and hopefully a future Ireland citizen.

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