Lakeside Priority

Today our group took a day trip to the city of Como.  It was the most beautiful city I have ever seen!  It had the feel of a medieval castle thanks to stone walls and towers, ornate building facades, and the same winding, narrow, cobblestone roads that I loved in Milan.  Como was even more beautiful though thanks to its namesake lake that serves as a just centerpiece for northern Italy.  I could not describe in words how amazing the lake looks, so I will include some pictures after this paragraph.  It was bordered on one side by the city of Como, and surrounded by green mountains on all the rest.  The lakeside at the foot of the mountains was peppered with bright Italian architecture that could have been a stand-alone view in and of itself.  The villas were all over the bank of the lake, and each one looked like the the nicest house I had ever seen.

In addition to having some time to independently explore the city, we were also given a guided walking tour and a boat tour of the lake.  The walking tour consisted of traversing  medieval alleys and learning about the city square and cathedral, both of which were very impressive.  The city square was located right on the lake and was left open so that different events could be held with lakeside priority.  The cathedral was also located in a very well kept area where no one could miss it.  It was very ornate and our tour guide told us a lot of interesting stories about its facades and construction.  We also had a group lunch consisting of authentic Italian pizza, which was of course very good.  Overall, today was another great day.  Lake Como might be the most beautiful place that I have ever seen, and I would love to return one day.

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