San Jose is Bananas!

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An influence I saw from the coffee and banana trade is the railroad. The railroad was very important to the trade. It took 20 years to build a railroad that connects San Jose to the Caribbean coast because of the topography. This railroad was funded by Minor Cooper Keith, who agreed to pay for the railroad if he could use the land on either side of it. He clear cut the forest and grew banana plantations. Since he controlled the railroad as well, he had a monopoly on bananas that are now branded as Chiquita. That railroad is still used in San Jose today.

Pittsburgh and San Jose have a lot in common in that they are cites that are busy with workers and resurantes, they have access to transportation for trade, and there are schools for higher education. The differences between them are what make them unique. There are interesting animals like parrots in San Jose because of the tropical climate, the buildings are lower so they do not block the view, and there are roads just dedicated to people that cars are not allowed to drive on.

The lack of street addresses in Costa Rica seems to work and I would not say that it holds them back at all, but it confuses me, as an outsider. I was told that most people have PO boxes for their personal mail, and I assume that delivery drivers are familiar enough with the area to understand a location using landmarks. From what I can see, the system works well. When at home, once I remember a route to a person’s house or to a store, I don’t think about the address anymore. I can see how the system could work well for ticos.

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