The Intensity of Irish Identity

Day 4 was filled with informative tours and an exciting cite visit. During our tour, we began to learn the complexities of Irish Identity. Darren described it as, “an identity formed in adversity.” Although there are varying components of Irish identity one area with the largest intensity appeared to be the idea of fighting for freedom. The Irish had been oppressed and occupied by the British for over 800 years. In that time, the Irish attempted multiple rebellions and finally gained their independence in the year 1922. Many individuals fought and died for their country in the name of freedom and that is the highest level of intensity someone can devote to any identity. Aside from a fighting spirit and a belief in freedom, the Irish have always possessed a cooperative attitude towards one another. This cooperative attitude is part of their identity because it is shared and expressed among the citizens. They are willing to donate time and money in the form of volunteering, Specifically, many will volunteer to participate in GAA league, a nonprofit sports league specializing in Irish football and hurling. Because the Irish are willing to contribute their time and capital to something they ALL feel passionate about for no money is extraordinary. Specifically, it implies the intensity of how the Irish feel towards their attitude of cooperation.

After learning about the Irish Identity I couldn’t help but think of my own as an American. Of everything I use to identify myself, I am most intense about my identity as an advocate for free speech in the purest sense of the word. This ideal is one I would gladly give my life to uphold. It is not only part of my country’s identity, but it has become a part of me. I believe in free discussion and flow of ideas and, no matter the obscurity or rationality is vital and this is why I feel as intensely as I do about this portion of my identity.


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