Visiting Glass Egg

On day 3 of our trip to Vietnam, we visited a Vietnamese company called Glass Egg Digital Media. Glass Egg is known mainly for their 3-D art outsourcing, most of which is for video games, but they also do a bit of 2-D art outsourcing and game development. Being an art outsourcing company in the video game industry, there are many pros and cons that come with being located in Vietnam.

Starting off with the cons of being in Vietnam, the first issue that COO Guillaume Monier talked about Glass Egg facing is being isolated. Due to the fact that they are the first movers in the industry to southeast Asia, they are detached from the rest of the industry in terms of location making it hard for them to get more involved. Leading off this, when companies do outsourcing maps to decide which company they will partner with to outsource art, many don’t look farther south than Shanghai which eliminates Glass Egg from even being considered as a candidate.

There are also many pros to being located in Vietnam. Due to the lower value of currency in Vietnam, the cost of operating in the country is relatively low. This not only allows Glass Egg to have lower expenses, but also is appealing to companies who are looking for cheaper companies to outsource art for games. Vietnam also has easy access to any where in the world (apart from the east coast of North America, which Monier said was an annoying flight) making it easy to get to clients or have clients come to them.

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