A Bunch of Croke

Day Four Done! Today’s visit was to one of the largest venues in all of Europe, Croke Park. We learned about the in’s and out’s of the two national sports of Gaelic football and hurling. There’s a sort of innocence and deep sense of national pride that the Irish have when it comes to sports. On game day everyone from the security staff, coaches, to the actual athletes on the field are volunteers from the villages and cities of Ireland who play and volunteer for fun and dedication to their homes and families rather than for pay. This speaks volumes to the Irish culture and camaraderie and how much they value their identities as Irish citizens.

Learning about how deeply the Irish feel about their identities makes me reflect on my own. The parts of my identity that I am most passionate about are my roles as a daughter, sister, student, and patriot. The first parts of my identity are important to me because it reminds me of where I come from and more importantly where my family came from. My mother was born in England and my father in Guyana. They both met in the states and raised me to appreciate both cultures. My role as a student is something I don’t see changing no matter how old I get, learning is something that I take seriously and have fun doing in all settings. Whether I’m learning in a classroom, in another country or in my room on my laptop it’s something I value and strive to learn something new every chance I get. And lastly, I am very passionate about my role as an American citizen I take pride in being an American, staying knowledgeable and up to date on history and current events, and hope to make a positive impact on the United States in several ways by working for the government and holding varying positions.croke

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