Are We There Yet?

Coach buses and mountaintops in Central America, two things I never thought I could say I experienced at the same time. Traveling to Monteverde today was a mix of emotions. The long bus ride coupled with driving along skinny dirt roads to get to our hotel at the top of a mountain was equally as exciting as it was terrifying.

Monteverde is considered to be a mountain rainforest, different from the Pacific coast where we reside at our homestay locations. After first stepping off the bus, it was obvious that a change in climate is a big difference between the two locations. As far as physical landscape, the mountains contain a significant amount of greenery and farm animals at what seems to be every corner–something different from the rural communities we are becoming used to in Heredia.

Since arriving on Saturday, I have been able to experience the authentic Costa Rican cuisine I was looking forward to, to communicate with Ticos about their way-of-life, and explore several locations throughout the country. I would say my perceptions have changed in the sense that I wasn’t fully aware the extent of diversity (in all forms, whether it be landscape or people) that the country possess. So far, this trip has been a refreshing, enriching experience. I’m looking forward to our stay here in Monteverde and can’t wait to see what adventures the rest of this trip entails.

¡Hasta mañana!

(P.s. we saw a lot of stray dogs today while walking into town. So the featured photo for this post is a picture of one of the dogs at my homestay, Camila, who is just the absolute sweetest. I wanted to give her the shoutout and fame she deserves xoxo)

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