Day 3: SGL and BMW

Today was one heck of a long day. I started my day out by waking up at 7:15 for an 8:15 bus ride to visit SGL: The Carbon Company. Since we were doing a site visit, we had to wear business casual which was not fun at all. The clothes and shoes were uncomfortable and we were standing pretty much all day. It was nice, though, having the German students from our group join us for the site visit.

We arrived in Meitingen, where the company was located, around 9 where we were given a presentation about SGL. I was stressing out the whole time though because the company that my group is presenting on is SGL, so I was trying to write down every single detail possible during the presentation. Afterwards, we were given relatively in-depth factory tour where we learned about the different uses of carbon and carbon fiber, which, not gonna lie, was pretty boring. However, we did learn a lot about the company which will be helpful for our future presentation.

After the tour, they fed us lunch and we were nearly on our way. But first, the SGL group (my group) had to present the presenters with the gifts that we had brought. It was a little hectic trying to figure out who needed a gift and who was giving who what, but we somehow managed to do it successfully. From there, we headed to Munich to visit the BMW museum and get a tour of the plant. However, we were still in our business clothes and we weren’t allowed to change, so we walked around the museum and through the tour looking very professional and out of place. It also didn’t help that my feet were killing me because business shoes are not the least bit comfortable.

The BMW museum was really cool because we got to see the evolution of their cars throughout the years as well as the fancy schmancy cars that they made. When we were finished, I picked up some postcards for myself and my family and we headed over to the BMW World. There we got dinner and looked around at some more cars. Fortunately, we had some time in between seeing the BMW World and the BMW Plant Tour, so a group of us were able to walk over to the Olympic Stadium used in the 1972 Summer Olympics.

Then, we took the plant tour, where we got to see the assembly process of the BMW cars. The most interesting part of the tour was getting to see the robots that they used and how there were about 20 of them working in such close corridors, yet still were able to operate extremely efficiently. This tour lasted about 2 hours in total, which meant that we didn’t leave Munich until after 8. We got back to the hotel around 9:45. My feet hurt so bad that it felt like one of my toenails had fallen off (it didn’t, don’t worry). Much like the past few nights, I had no energy left, so I went to bed relatively early. Anyways, that was my day, but I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

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