Day 5

On our lovely drive through the mountains today a few things caught my attention. It seemed as if the communities are very isolated from other communities. Houses would appear in chunks and then there would be nothing for a while, and then more groups of houses. There didn’t seem to be as many shops and stores for locals to go to on this journey. As well, there were also a lot of random restaurants located remotely through out the mountains. The views through out the ride were incredible. The streets were something else. Bumpy to say the least. They weren’t really paved. It ruined a great nap.

Since I’ve come to Costa Rica my perception of it has changed. San Josè really changed my perception. I wasn’t expecting it to be as modern as it was. I also wasn’t expecting it to be super busy. I thought there would be more tourist there. Also seeing how well the drive here was something I wasn’t expecting. For not having many street signs and stop lights I would have thought there would be more accidents. Along with this all of the people have been super friendly and helpful. My perception of Costa Rica has improved since coming here.

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