Day 5: Florence

This morning we left our hotel in Milan to spend a few days in Florence. Florence is about 4 hours from Milan so the first half of the day was spent trying to sleep on the coach bus, but I had a seat to myself because there were probably 40 or so seats and only 27 of us, so I just curled up in a little ball. I didn’t get as much sleep as I would’ve liked. Also, my Bluetooth headphones have stopped working. They were already only working in only one ear before I even came to Italy, so I was disappointed that now both ears don’t work, but luckily I did take the headphones that were provided on the airplane.

The first thing we did when arriving in Florence was, of course, checking into our hotel. In Milan, I was in a double, but now I’m in a quad, which is interesting. The room is very big and very well decorated. The wi-fi, however, is not as nice here as it was at Hotel Sempione in Milan. I don’t have data here (even though I’m supposed to but that’s another story), so I appreciate good wi-fi in a hotel.

After checking into the hotel, we went to dinner. That was at 7, which is about an hour before most people in Italy were about to eat, but were a large group so I’m sure that was much easier for the restaurant. Dinner was pasta, bread, meat, and french fries. I very much enjoyed it, and can’t wait for lunch or dinner tomorrow, because there are restaurants everywhere here. As part of the class, we were supposed to create a “Top 10 Things” list and my group was assigned Florence. I decided to add some restaurants, which I saw from the reviews were good and wanted to check out, but with everything being right where you don’t necessarily have to have a plan for where to eat.

Shortly after dinner was over, we went to the Uffizi Gallery and were provided with a guided tour in which our guide focused on the Renaissance paintings. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about the paintings in the museum and the paintings and the museum itself were very beautiful. I liked that there were some things that our guide talked about that I was familiar with because I took Latin for six years. For example, I was really excited to see The Birth of Venus, because not only had it come up in my Latin class multiple times, but because it was also just a beautiful painting.

The last thing I did today- besides organizing myself a new hotel and writing this blog post- was go out to eat gelato and we ran into the most beautiful views of the canal. We ended up just got our gelato down the street and then eating it over there, but we stayed at that bridge for hours and it was beautiful.





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