Day 5: Putting my skillset to work

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Today we had a discussion with a business owner who pointed out several factors that recruiters are looking for. It is important to keep in mind the things that can make you stand out to potential employers. Here in Ireland there have been many personal “Strengthsfinder” attributes that have helped me in this trip that I feel can help me in the world of business.

My strengths include being restorative, futuristic, achiever, competitive, and focus. Being restorative has not yet showed up as a strength on this trip. Having focus as a strength has helped me on this trip by being present on the trip and focusing on the cultural differences between the Irish and that of the United States. Being competitive has helped me because it motivates me to ask the right questions on site visits and challenge myself to be more involved than what I feel is required of me. Being futuristic has helped me on this trip by focusing on the bigger picture and thinking about how this trip will help me moving forward in the world of business. Finally, being an achiever has helped me on this trip by contributing to my productivity. I feel good by being present on the site visits and thinking critically about how what I am learning will contribute to my skillset and help me move forward professionally and as a student.

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