Half a day in Florence

JacobsR7Today we had a long day of traveling in the morning with a visit to an art museum when we finally arrived  in Florence. I did not enjoy the traveling of today but enjoyed the time we spent in Florence today. 

Nick and I started off the day early by waking up at 8 o’clock in order to go to the grocery store so Nick could buy replacement earbuds for his headphones. After our trip to the store we returned to the hotel to finish packing and get breakfast before leaving Milan for Florence. During the bus trip to Florence we stopped at an Italian reststop that is much nicer than American reststops and enjoyed a scenic view of the mountains on the drive.

When we got to Florence we went to the Uffizi Gallery to see the art work held there. I thought the art was interesting and liked how the tour guide was able to explain how the styles of art changed throughout history and with each different artist. 

After seeing the gallery we got some free time to explore the city in our own before meeting up with the group for dinner. I am excited to continue exploring Florence for the next few days.