Mickey D’s and Selfies

Today we learned about the history of Vietnam and I was shocked to learn how old the history was, as it goes all the way back into BCE time. The guy pictured with me was “The King” in the fashion show we saw to learn about the different cultures within Vietnam. I am quite excited to get my own ao dai, which is the Vietnamese garment worn by him in the picture. His has dragons on it, which signifies that he’s a king. I was then surprised on the bus to hear that we were stopping for lunch at McDonald’s! McDonald’s is very celebrated here and they have different items, like teriyaki, rice, matcha tea, and wings. I had wings, my first-ever Big Mac (which fell apart 🙂 ), and fries. The visit definitely exemplified globalization, as McDonald’s has come to Vietnam and carved out a unique niche for itself. It was my group’s site visit today to VinaCapital, but we had to reschedule until next week when there was a slight inconvenience with timing. Instead of the site visit, we went back to the hotel and walked to the War Remnants Museum. We were warned of how powerful the museum was because history is written by the victors, but I was still shocked and disturbed at all that I saw and learned. The Vietnamese point of view of the war made me so much more culturally aware of what occurred and what the United States purposely did not teach us because of how graphically unsettling it was. This visit was very difficult, but moving and imperative to understanding our history and study abroad trip better.


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