Phil Kessel Art in the Uffizi Galery

Today was mostly traveling via a bus to Florence from Milan, which took around 4 hours.  Almost everyone slept except me, because I was getting stressed out by how aggressive our driver was.  I witnessed him try to run a old Volvo and a new Range Rover off the road for going too slow in the slow lane.  It did not help he laid on the horn often too, but I still thanked him, because I am sure we made the trip in close to record time with the way he was driving.  The best part of the trip was the break at a rest stop where I got some of the best pasta I have ever had.  It was rigatoni in like a well spiced cheese sauce with onions and squash.  Then I bought a lemon soda, but had to wait for like 2 Italian men to get their lottery tickets before the cashier checked me out, but it was understandable considering I asked her if she spoke English or German and she did not at all really.


The first thing we did when we got here was check into the most beautiful 3 star hotel in the whole world in my opinion.   My roommates and I had a Superbowl inspired coin flipping contest, and even though I came in 2nd out of 4 I still got the bed I wanted the most and I wish I could take it home because it is way more comfy than my queen bed at home.  After that we went to the 100 room Uffizi Gallery, which I had been to last summer, but this tour guide was much better and I appreciated it as my second favorite art gallery after the Andy Warhol museum. That’s completely based on my love for modern pop culture, visionaries, and Pittsburgh natives.  This was my favorite piece of art, because I think it uncannily looks like my favorite hockey player, two time Stanley Cup Champion, Phil Kessel.  I actually do hope he runs for the Presidency of the United States after he’s done winning Stanley Cups for the Pens.



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