There They Are

When I first arrived in Italy, I was wondering where all the crowds were. I saw next to no tourists. We arrived in Florence today and let me tell you; there were tourists and crowds of people everywhere. It was borderline overwhelming. I can’t really say much about the bus ride to Florence because I was asleep the entire time. The food at their equivalence of a Wawa was really good, though. I say Wawa because everyone knows Wawa is the best.


After checking into our hotel, we visited an art museum. I am completely blanking on the name of it, but it contains paintings as well as sculptures. I enjoyed being able to see the Birth of Venus in person as well as seeing works of a lot of famous artists. Our tour guide was very knowledge and passionate about the subject. It made me more interested in what she had to say. I also liked having a tour guide because I learned so many things I would not have had I just walked through the museum myself. It also blows my mind how much there was to see and that we did not even get to see a fraction of the art in the museum. It is definitely a place I would like to go back to some time.


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