A Day in the Life of a Tico Farmer

The life of Don Guillermo differs significantly from the life of most Americans and most Ticos even. Guillermo’s day to day life involves different sectors of the Costa Rican economy: tourism and the coffee industry.

Guillermo’s coffee life has to adapt to the daily challenges faced by coffee farmers. As a result of climate change Guillermo has to decide how to mitigate that and decide what would be best for the coffee plants. Not only does Guillermo face climate change as a challenge but also the various fungi that infect the coffee plants.

In terms of tourism Guillermo has to face significant competition from the surrounding areas in Monteverde. Also for tourism Café Monteverde has to differentiate themselves from all of the other tourist destinations in the area through tours or adventure tourism.

Guillermo also has to make his farm sustainable and in order to do that he has to continue to invest in new engineering practices to make his farm as efficient as possible. New engineering technology will make the coffee harvesting and production process more sustainable by emitting less greenhouse gases and reusing parts of the coffee fruit that are not directly used in the product of roasted coffee. An example of engineering is the design of the slopes the coffee is grown on, so not all of the water goes straight down the hill but water reaches each step of the hill so more of it is absorbed.IMG_1591.JPG

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