Busing and Baroque Art

I want to first start off by apologizing to all of my devout fans for the late post today. The lights were off in my room when I went to write the blog for the day and I must’ve fallen asleep before I could post it.

The day today was mostly a travel day, with us on a bus for the majority of the time it seemed. We sadly had to say good-bye to Milan and our hotel with fantastic wifi to venture to Florence where we will be for the next three days. Our bus ride was around 4 hours, plus some time to stop at a classic Italian rest stop where, in America, I would typically get my classic order of beef jerky and a Coke slushie, but here I had a nice plate of pasta, grilled vegetables, and fresh fruit. Needless to say, I am continuously amazed by the European food culture.

At one point on the bus I closed my eyes, and when I randomly chose to look up again outside, I rushed to get my phone out quickly to take a photo of, I’m not lying, the most beautiful Italian farm you could ever imagine – and the second I hit the button to take the photo a large bush covered it and I missed my perfect “photo-op” opportunity. If you couldn’t tell, the sad event scarred me so much that I’m still thinking about it and thought it was so important that I had to include it. I feel as if I have went through a loss.

Eventually when we  arrived our tour guide Luca, who has been with us through the entire trip, broke the hard news to us that we would have to walk “300-400 yards” to the hotel… and no I did not know even approximately know how far that meant in the moment. If you are in the same boat as me and the metric system isn’t your specialty either then I will just tell you that it felt as if it took forever – our group of a little over 25 people walking along the city sidewalks of Florence with big bags/wheel suitcases was not an easy feat. Bicycles were nearly knocked over and a few of the locals sitting along the street definitely had the chance to lose some toes. But, despite all the odds against us, we eventually arrived and got our rooms.

After getting settled we all went on a guided tour of Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi, one of the most famous art galleries/museums in the world. Our tour guide for the museum was clearly so passionate and knowledgeable about every single piece of work in the gallery and I definitely give her a perfect 10/10 on the Pathfinder scale – I aspire to be half of the tour guide she was one day. The art was so beautiful, with works I have heard of my whole life like the Birth of Venus, and the fact that this could just be a casual day trip for the locals blows my mind.

At night a group of us decided to venture out to the city center to originally just look for some gelato, but ended up staying out for a couple of hours just taking in the beauty of Florence. I ended up getting what seems to have become my gelato of choice – mint. Our group ended up then finding an overlook of the water that was dimly lit, with musicians playing soft music in the street. It was one of those out of body experiences when you have to pinch yourself and just live up the moment.

I have been missing my U.S. peeps a lot, so I hope everyone is doing well. Feel lucky that it is socially acceptable for you all to wear t-shirts and sweatpants and know I’m so jealous. I am going through major ” legging withdrawal” right now.  Thank you so much for having read this far, ciao blog-lovers!


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