Don Guillermo

After visiting Life Monteverde my view of the life of Zico Farmers changed. At Life Monteverde they really emphasized how much they loved what they did. Working on the farm can be challenging but they take pride in what they do. They seemed very proud of what the farm has turned into. They are all super friendly. Doing their job well makes them very happy.

One of the main challenges that caught my eyes was the lack of decent roads. It makes it much harder for them to transport their product. It also makes it harder for people to visit the farm because traveling isn’t easy. As well, the weather can cause problems. Since it rains a lot it can be challenging to work in the fields then. Lastly, competition with larger farms can be difficult since they are outputting much more product.

Engineering and technology provides a pivotal role in creating sustainability on the farm. Without updated technology they won’t be producing their product at the most optimal position. The advance technology allows work to get done quicker, easier, and more efficiently. Some new technology that was mentioned on the farm was the methane tank that they added in 2012.

Life Monteverde was my favorite place we visited so far. It was really cool to see how much they loved what they did.

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