Florence: Artistic City

Today we spent most of the time on the bus from Milan to Florence. I thankfully got a nice nap in. We stopped for lunch at a rest stop, here the food was very good, and I thought to myself, no wonder why American fast food chains can’t compete in Italy, even the causal food places have good food. After arriving to Florence, we checked into the hotel and then went on a tour of a nearby art museum. This was the first time I had really seen authentic paintings. The colors were much more vibrant in person than any replica that I have ever seen. After the museum we went to dinner. The dinner was a traditional Italian dinner of pasta, pork, and potatoes. This was very good. Afterwards some students and I went to explore the city. We got some gelato and saw the canals. The city had a nice nightlife with multiple very good musicians playing music in the street. All in all it was a good day. The weather is great here, everything is going well. I am learning how to navigate the cities better each day.

Takeaways for today:


Florence is much more crowded than Milan, this means I have to be much more careful about being pickpocketed.


Florence is a much more artistic city than Milan, even though Milan is focused on fashion, Florence is the city with the better art.

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