Life Monteverde

Today we visited yet another coffee plantation and found some very interesting differences. Don Guillermo is one of the owners of Life Monteverde coffee and he gave us a very in depth tour tour of his families plantation and how they operate over 4000 feet above sea level.

This plantation, like the others, is very  self sufficient but Life Monteverde takes some extra steps forward. They do raise some live stock on their farm including pigs, goats, and chickens. Their waste then becomes fertilizer for their coffee plants. Some of the animal waste that gives off methane gas is captured and the gas is used to heat food and power their machines. The excess water from the house is filtered and reused to water their plants.

In addition to their coffee, they are working very hard to expand their operation to do more than just grow coffee beans. They are adapting to the changing business environment to doing some of their own roasting and most importantly, giving tours. Don Guillermo is really focusing on spreading his mission of sustainable farming through tours of his establishment. He works with schools and other areas to try an promote his mission. This is something he really enjoys and takes great pride. He said it really helps him sleep at night knowing that he can tell his grandchildren he did all that he could to help the planet.

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