Monteverde: A Green Focus

Today we left Heredia and our homestays embarking on a new excursion to Monteverde. After a long journey full of twists and turns, car sickness, and fear of falling off of a cliff we finally reached our beautiful destination. The trip was definitely worth it to enjoy the stunning nature and incredible amount of biodiversity.

The communities along the way were different than what we had previously seen in Heredia and San José. They were less affluent, a lot smaller, and significantly more green. Instead of promoting deforestation for building purposes, things are built around nature in Monteverde. There was even a restaurant that was built around a tree that is growing through the middle of it. It seems as though the street shops are more focused on tourism than the communities of the Central Valley. The prices are listed in dollars instead of colones, and have a more souvenir based market focus.

Prior to arriving in Costa Rica I had learned that the country focuses greatly on sustainability, ecotourism, and preservation of the environment. San José and Heredia were not as green or as focused on the environment as I had expected. Now that I have seen portions of the mountain rainforest I can clearly see that there is an incredible amount of biodiversity and the conservation of the environment is an important objective of Costa Rica’s sustainability efforts.

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