12 May 2018 – …Chinese??

This morning was fantastic.  I laid in bed until 11:30 because we didn’t have to be downstais in the lobby until 12.  I got an opportunity to just be on the internet on my phone for a while which is something I haven’t gotten to do in a while so it was really nice.  I didn’t get breakfast but that was okay.  Then we went to the accademia gallery and saw the David statue.  It is really big.  The detail is obviously the most impressive feature of the statue.  That a man can capture that much detail and make rock look lifelike is amazing.

After the gallery, I went out to lunch and got some Chinese(!) food.  It was really inexpensive and really good.  I have never had chinese food in this country so I was excited to give it a try.  After lunch I walked around a bit and looked at some leather markets, trying to find a bag for my sister.  I didn’t find what I was looking for but i had a good time walking around with Emily Eason.

After that I took a really intense nap for like three hours.  It was the kind of nap where you keep going back to sleep and also dont know where you are when you wake up and it felt really good.

After my nap I went out to dinner with Jack Marquis.   I got some tortellini then some gelato after that.  The gelato was really good but kind of expensive.  We are going to Verona tomorrow so that should be fun.  Im looking forward to the drive because I like watching the scenery change.

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