2 euro wasted on the Italian carousel

Today we got to sleep in a bit which allowed us all to catch up on the sleep we have not gotten enough of during this trip. After getting up around 10:30 I was able to walk around Florence and see some more of the city.

Then at 12 we met up as a group for a tour of the Accademia Galleria where we saw Michelangelo’s statue of David. I was amazed by the statue and the details that are shown in the statue. I though it was interesting how the guide spoke about the times that the statue had pieces broken off because it was outside exposed to the elements when it was displayed outside before it was put in the gallery. I normally am not interested in art but I was fascinated by the sculpture and the work of Michelangelo.

After the visit to the gallery we visited the Duomo and went inside of it. I thought the building looked cool from the outside but I though the inside was not as good looking as the outside. The frescos on the inside were cool looking but I liked the outside much better.

After visiting the Duomo some of us went to get lunch but found that some places where closed for lunch because it was after lunch time.  We ended up finding a good pizzeria that we were able to get food at. Following lunch I walked around and bought some leather goods as gifts for my family.

After my walk I was planning to go back to the hotel to take a nap but instead decided to go out walking around again with Ryan. Together we walked to the Ponte Vecchio and enjoyed the view of the sun setting over the river.

While walking back to the hotel we ran into other people in our group and decided to get dinner with them. After dinner we decided to go on the carousel that we found on the walk back. It looked like it would be a good thing to go on but it was not as much fun as it looked and was not worth the 2 euro that it cost.IMG_8568_Facetune_13-05-2018-00-46-08After coming back from dinner some of the other guys and I went to get gelato and then went for a walk to see the Ponte Vecchio at night. At night the bridge was less crowded but still had a nice view of the river.

Overall I had a good time in Florence and I’m excited to be starting a new adventure in Verona tomorrow.

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