Day 2: The Great Wall & Great Dinner

SepulvedaD03My whole life I had imagine seeing The Great Wall as a dream that could never come true. I thought that it was an impractical dream that I would never reach. Here it finally was, my chance to see one of the world’s most magnificent pieces of history.

Our day started with a long bus ride. It took about an hour to reach our final destination the Great Wall. We had the option of either taking the hike or taking a lift. We had all decided as a group to take the journey and hike up to the Great Wall. I’m not exactly sure how high that hike was, but I heard rumors of it being 70 stories tall. It was stairs and stairs of endlessness. However, I had gone prepared for this quest. Recommendations for any future study abroad students, wear comfortable shoes and clothes. I know a lot of people want to dress nice for pictures on the wall, but I promise, the hike is hard, and you will regret not being comfortable. Also, bring a backpack for lots of water so you can stay hydrated. Once we all got to the top it was absolutely breath taking. The wall had the most amazing view I had ever seen. We took tons of photos to commerate this moment and make it last forever. It was beautiful and definitely a great way to start the trip. After the site, I thought it couldn’t get better and it did. We all got to go on the tabogan to make our way down. If you’re wondering what that is just imagine a huge slide but on little carts. It was so fun!

For our night plans we had no idea what to do. Some girls and I decided we should explore. We were suggested a mall and restaurant, so we tried to go there without a map, let’s just say that was a huge mistake. Instead we found a smaller mall and we decided to try some desserts for appetizers. I had a green tea cake roll and it was delicious, I totally recommend. After that we realized the food spot we were looking for was in another mall different from the one we were in. We eventually found the right mall, but trust me, it was a struggle, so I suggest maps.

The food place was on the fifth floor, it was called Hot Pots. A waiter came and convinced us of going inside. We waited outside the restaurant and were given menus to pre order with. We all looked stunned and confused, the items of the menus had English translations, but it was still very confusing. We were then brought inside without any clue on what to order. The restaurant reminded me of The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant from back home. The prices looked extremely high and once we thought we had finally figured out how to order it was wrong. It got extremely awkward, waiter after waiter came trying to figure out what we wanted. We decided to leave in a very awkward manner. There was another restaurant nearby. We sat there, and the waiter had a translator app. We finally did it, we were able to eat dinner.

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