Day 6: A Professional Love of Ireland

Bord Bia was one of the most unique companies I have seen thus far on our trip. They represent a public and private firm responsible for the quality and security of the Irish food market. This firm mentioned its mission of evangelizing Ireland and the Irish economy. Bore Bia, as a firm, seems largely invested in the idea of Ireland Inc. From what I have observed, Ireland Inc. refers to the firms and culture that make up the Irish market as well as the place of Ireland within the global economy. In General, the idea of Ireland Inc has been incredible “pro Ireland” specifically focusing on the security of the Irish workforce, the attraction of multinational companies to Ireland, and the bolstering of Irish firms. Bord Bia fits into this niche by aiding and advising companies within the Irish food market. Because much of this market involves Irish exports to the U.K. there are many implications following Brexit. Because of the idea of Ireland Inc, many of the food exporters were able to receive the protection and assistance they needed. However the idea of Ireland Inc. is consistent across many firms and policies. Many Irish business favor Irish workers and do what they can to bolster the Irish economy. We also see Irish political policy reflect the idea of attracting multinational corporations to Ireland to employ high skilled Irish workers. Bord Bia.JPG

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